What Makes DVS-AMC Different than the Traditional AMCs you’ve had to choose from?

DVS-AMC doesn’t “shop” for the least expensive appraiser, regardless of how far away or unfamiliar they may be with the property to be appraised.  How often has an appraiser from sometimes a hundred miles away shown up to meet your client or realtor?  DVS-AMC utilizes its proprietary appraiser scoring system and geocoding of the appraisers location to utilize the Highest Scoring, Most Proximate Panel Appraiser to send the appraisal assignment to – instantaneously!  This results in the appraisers, on average, being located within 5 miles of the subject property, assuring they KNOW the neighborhood and property values.

A Superior Alternative to Traditional, Low Technology AMCs Has Arrived

DVS-AMC is a full service AMC that uses the cloud-based platform to provide innovative and compliant valuation fulfillment faster, with more communication and with the highest quality.  It is a complete end-to-end solution for mortgage originations




Speed is Essential

That’s why DVS-AMC sends the appraiser the assignment request immediately upon creation via Text, Email and loads the request into the appraisers DVS Platform Dashboard.  By simply responding via text with “YES” or clicking “Accept” in the email or in their Dashboard, the appraiser can start working on your assignment, usually within 15 minutes of the order being created.

Accuracy is Just as Important as Speed!

That’s why DVS-AMC employs A Chief Appraiser and Certified Residential Appraisers on Staff to review every submitted appraisal to assure that not only GSE/FHA/Lender guidelines have been met, but to make sure your loan is ready to fund when the appraisal is released to you.



Ready to get started?



Appraisal Panel Management

Automated UCDP/EAD Submission & Document Retrieval 

Automated Appraiser Service & Quality Score

Automated Appraiser Selection & Assignment

eDelivery of Appraisal to the Borrower – ECOA/eSign Compliant

Integrated to Encompass360 and other LOS