DVS Valuation Platform

The Only Valuation Fulfillment Platform You Will Ever Need

No software to install or maintain.  Cloud-based SaaS platform provides innovative solutions, completely compliant and a user-friendly interface and dashboard for end-to-end solutions without engaging an AMC.

  • Complete Appraiser Panel Management – daily license and FHA Roster Checks
  • Appraiser Scoring – Quality and service level monitoring
  • UCDP/EAD Appraisal Delivery & SSR Retrieval – Fully automated
  • Appraisal eDelivery to the Borrower – ECOA & eSign Compliant
  • Complete Borrower Payment Processing and Appraiser Payment – no accounting hassles or costs for you, the lender
  • TRID Compliant – Loan Estimate (LE) and Intent to Proceed tracking




Utilize Your Own Panel of Appraisers

The DVS Platform makes it easy to maintain your own panel of appraisers, it even checking their licenses and FHA/HUD Roster status daily as well as manages against investor exclusionary lists.

Fully Automated OR Manual Assignment

The DVS Platform has three distinct assignment methods

  • Automated – Highest Score & Most Proximate Assignment
  • Automated – Rotation to the Qualified Panel Appraiser having gone the longest since last assignment
  • Manual – Authorized personnel can assign to one or more panel appraisers



Built with Compliance in Mind

The DVS platform achieves compliance on all levels.  Development is current and keeps pace with CFPB/GSE and FHA/Hud regulations.  Not only does each user have roles and permissions, but the platform can track Loan Estimate information, deliver files to the UCDP/EAD and even deliver the appraisal to the Borrower in compliance with ECOA

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And We’re Just Skimming the Surface

The DVS Platform and its client relationship team makes your valuation process a BREEZE.

Quality from Start to Finish

Quick Appraiser Payment

World Class Client Support


Appraisal Panel Management

Automated UCDP/EAD Submission & Document Retrieval 

Automated Appraiser Service & Quality Score

Automated Appraiser Selection & Assignment

eDelivery of Appraisal to the Borrower – ECOA/eSign Compliant

Integrated with Encompass360, PCLender and other LOS